Thank you for thinking of us for your upcoming special event! We love to plan each special event personally, working hand-in-hand together to capture just what you are envisioning! Instead of working with a set catering menu, we like to plan each occasion as a personal collaboration to help bring your vision to fruition. For people who are passionate about vibrant, flavorful food, we can create a truly distinctive spread, no matter the level of formality – from the most casual to the most formal of occasions, we promise to bend over backwards to help make your occasion truly special. From the Make-it-Yourself Sandwich Bar – to a reception of bite-sized appetizer offerings – to an individually plated, multi-course dinner with wine pairings, we can create a feast for the senses.

The ideal starting point for our planning is learning what you are envisioning for the event, such as the spirit of the event/level of formality and an idea of your ideal budget – then, we can start brainstorming about ideas and create a proposed menu, tailored to your vision. Please let us know any thoughts or questions you may have by reaching out to us at .

The following are some of our favorite offerings that we hope will paint a picture of the kinds of menus and experiences we can create with you.

One of the menus which is always extremely well received is the Make-it-Yourself Sandwich Bar. This menu is ideal because it fosters a spirit of conviviality, holds up extremely well over time and is a huge crowd pleaser. Our Make-it-Yourself Sandwich Bar menu pricing generally runs between $20-$25 per person, depending upon the number of side dishes selected. We can tailor the menu to your desires and pare it down or make it as extravagant as you wish!

Meat offerings include the following…

Aromatic Pulled Pork
Beef Picadillo
Chicken Braised in Salsa Verde
Barbecued Ropa Vieja Beef (available for 12 guests or more)

All accompanied with freshly baked brioche, tropical slaw and an array of infused mayos (sweet chile, lemon-scented and chipotle)

Hearty side dish options include…

Twice Fried Ripe Plantains – tossed with garlic-cilantro butter and accompanied with sweet chile mayo

‘Best Snack Ever’ – layered dish with coconut-ginger rice, slowly cooked black beans, melted Muenster cheese and cilantro-lime salsa

Light Bright Salad – romaine dressed with fresh lime and extra virgin olive oil and finished with fresh avocado, ripe tomatoes and Bermuda onion – accompanied with cilantro -lime salsa and shredded Muenster

Loaded Plantains – twice fried ripe plantains layered with slowly cooked black beans, melted Muenster, cilantro-lime salsa, avocado spread and finally, crème fraîche!

Coconut-Ginger Rice – sautéed fresh garlic and ginger simmered in coconut milk and accompanied with cilantro-lime salsa

Slowly Cooked Black Beans – sautéed sofrito of bell peppers, Spanish onions and garlic with tomatoes black beans and lots of aromatic spices simmered together gently for hours

We also offer a range of very flavorful, bite-sized appetizer offerings priced by the piece or the platter. We can deliver these with our flat rate delivery/set up/pick up fee of $50 or provide on-site service at your event. These range from $1 to $3 per piece. These easy-to-eat, bite-sized appetizers make a beautiful spread for a cocktail party or can serve as a light meal on their own!

Bite-sized appetizer offerings include the following…

Twice Fried Ripe Plantains – tossed with garlic-cilantro butter and accompanied with sweet chile mayo

‘Inspired Cuban’ Sandwich Bites – fresh Cuban bread brushed with chipotle mayo and pressed with roasted pork loin, tasso ham, thick-cut bacon, comté cheese and cornichon – cut into generous bite-sized pieces

Bolitos – miniature meatballs from any of our Fritas – chorizo, chicken, black bean and accompanied with infused mayos

Gulf Shrimp Ceviche – just-seared gulf shrimp tossed with Spanish onions, fresh avocado and tomatoes and macerated in fresh lime juice and extra virgin olive oil – Accompanied with crisped plantains

Ceviche is also available over avocado purée

Tropical Gulf Shrimp Scampi with Tropical Chutney – quickly sautéed with fresh garlic and shallots…deglazed with a Sauvignon Blanc, tossed with chiles and finished with a spoonful of garlic-cilantro butter

Bubble Bread – Cuban bread slathered with sharp Michigan cheeses, tasso ham Spanish onions, fresh herbs

Sweet, Savory and Spicy Burnished Chicken drummettes – accompanied with a piquant tropical chutney

Fresh Crudité Platter – with crisped plantains, cilantro-lime salsa and avocado spread along with lots of fresh vegetables of the season

If you would like other offerings such as sweets (miniature churros and chocolate Español being a favorite combination!), lush, seasonal cocktails, coffee service or on-site staffing, anything is possible! We can create a very personal menu ranging from the appetizer offerings and Make-it-Yourself Sandwich Bar to a bountiful, feasting style menu to a multi-course individually plated dinner with wine pairings – The world is your oyster!

There are a few possible additional charges I should mention – we charge a flat $35-50 (depending on logistics) delivery/set-up/pick-up fee for us to bring and create a beautiful buffet to you. If you would like us to provide on site staffing, we are happy to do so – The charge for this is $15 per person/per hour. Tax is additional and if you choose to have staffing provided, we charge an 18% gratuity.

We are so looking forward to collaborating with you and bringing your personal vision for your event to fruition!